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    Aug 22, 2022
    When the legs and feet can still walk, but when taking a bath, the water temperature is high, the bathroom is relatively closed, the air is not circulated, it is easy to feel dizzy, and it is impossible to stand for a long time. Especially when movement is reduced by illness, aging, childbirth or accident. A shower chair that can fit in a wet bathroom is very important.   One of the most important properties to evaluate a bath chair is its slip resistance. Usually reflected in the four support feet of the bath chair.   Shower chair original foot pad: · The material is divided into rubber and TPR, both of which have the characteristics of non-slip. · Size: 6 cm in diameter · It is a common accessory part for bath chairs. In the shower, it is recommended to lean against the wall. Because of the fear of the occurrence of unexpected events such as rollover or overturning, unnecessary injuries may be caused.     Suction foot pad: · The material is the same as the original mat. In addition to the anti-slip feature, the anti-rollover function has been added. At the same time, it takes into account the characteristics of the original foot pads that can be moved. · Size: 10cm in diameter · The suction cups hold the ground firmly. It can only be lifted by manually pinching the "little ears" on the foot pads. It perfectly solves the risk that the bath chair may roll over.   Both types of pads have their own advantages, the key is how to use them.   Shower chairs with suction cup feet in the store also come with original foot pads. Welcome to purchase!
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