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  • How to choose your own shower chair or shower stool?
    How to choose your own shower chair or shower stool?
    May 26, 2022

    When mobility is reduced by illness, aging, maternity or accident, we encounter a variety of "problems" that interfere with our normal activities of daily living. All other things aside, our daily bathing habits are probably the most difficult to manage in a dignified way.   However, accept the difficulties you are experiencing right from the start and prepare for it. Solving problems from a manager's perspective in advance will make you less overwhelmed than waiting until the problem occurs. Easy to deal with.   Most of us live in homes or apartments. Especially rented houses won't have disabled accessible bathrooms. Most bathrooms are not designed for disabled people. But when we face some movement restrictions, the bathrooms we're used to can hinder our ability to shower freely.   If you choose to remodel your bathroom, find a shower system and room layout that fits your current house to overcome the barriers to taking a shower. This is obviously the best long-term option, but the cost is huge and cannot be done in a short period of time. Most bathroom remodels take 7-10 days, which can also take a toll on home life during this time. If you have the funds and you have a second bathroom to use, you can create your own accessible bathroom. If this can't be done, there may be problems.   When the legs and feet can still walk, but when taking a bath, the water temperature is high, the bathroom is relatively closed, the air is not circulated, it is easy to feel dizzy, and it is impossible to stand for a long time. A shower chair that can be placed in the bathroom is very important.   If you don't choose to renovate or rent a house, then you need to choose the best shower chair. There are many mobile shower chair options on the market today. My best advice is to choose a quality product based on the level of mobility impairment. It will give you years of service, not the current cheap, but may not be the safest or best value for money in the long run. I recommend that you choose a shower chair that offers at least the following features:   Value for money, ie made of durable, lightweight high-strength materials such as aluminum alloys. There are many shower chairs constructed of steel and epoxy paint. Anything built with steel and used in a wet environment will decompose and show signs of rust over time. Corrosion is also a structural weakening of the steel frame, so safety will be compromised. Shower chairs must have anti-slip and anti-rollover features. Prevent users from slipping and falling on the ground during use. Please refer to the products in the store: The shower chair can have a rotating function. On the basis of anti-slip, anti-rollover, anti-rust and lightweight materials, the rotating shower chair can bring a full range of bathing experience. Falling in love with bathing again. Taking a bath is the most relaxing time of the day, it can wash away all the tiredness. It should not be obstructed. Please refer to the product: There are too many shower chairs that are hospital-like in color and appearance. Except for a black, grey, completely white or chrome chair. Looks the same as the clinic while still performing the same function. You can use other different colors, orange, pink, blue are all customizable. Please refer to the product: The shower chair should be fully adjustable in height and should be suitable for the user. Armrests should be lockable to allow users to balance and secure when needed, and to be able to remove themselves.   If you have a bathtub and can't afford a high-cost remodel, then you need to think about how to balance your tub and bath chair. There is a seating system that can be placed across the tub, sit outside the tub, and slide into the tub for a shower. Again, my advice is to buy a high-quality, sturdy product that can take your weight. For the transmission system, I also recommend choosing a chair that offers at least the following: For transfer systems, the structural design of the rolling chair base, the transfer rail and the structural design of the bathtub base unit must be of the highest specification. Current store products are designed around user safety, with vertical system support, lateral or horizontal bars to stabilize the unit, non-slip and roll-over foot pads to keep the seat stable, and some products have seat belts. Provides security and long-term economic viability. Please refer to the product: A safe and sturdy shower chair that fits into the tub, and stabilization system to fit any width of the tub, yet easily removable and storage allowing the tub to be used by able-bodied users. Have a satisfactory non-inclined transmission system. The only problem is that the assistant has to lift their legs over the tub as the user slides over the tub. Make sure the user has their feet in the tub after the transfer. Not all systems include this feature, and without foot support in the tub, users can be very uncomfortable. Please refer to store products:   Hope these help you in your shower chair choices.  

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  • Portable Wheelchair Ramps: Consideration for End User Safety
    Portable Wheelchair Ramps: Consideration for End User Safety
    August 21, 2022

    Portable wheelchair ramps are the easiest way to access any area for wheelchair users or those with limited legs or stairs. They can help you get over multiple steps or thresholds, or into many different models of vans, minivans, and SUVs. Without having to remodel them or rebuild a barrier-free access.   There are many different types of portable ramps on the market, so when you choose a portable ramp, you must consider what kind of wheelchair you are using, and the angle of inclination. Where you might place a ramp, choose a ramp length that conforms to the standard slope, as well as the size that will best support the weight and size required for transportation.   Therefore, when choosing a ramp, the following points need to be considered: Material. Sometimes it needs to be placed outdoors, so it must have a long service life and not rust and not easily damaged. Aluminum alloy can contain these points very well. Compared with rubber and steel ramps, the aluminum alloy material is lightweight, not easy to rust, has high strength, and is highly recyclable.             Storage space. No matter the length, the rollable ramp can be rolled up easily, like a roll of paper. Place at home, in the yard, or in the trunk of your car. Reduce storage space.             Temporary. Roll Round Ramps are special modularly assembled ramps that can be easily installed as a temporary or semi-permanent or even permanent ramp into a home, business, or indoor public space. The lightweight and rollable features of aluminum alloys allow it to be easily moved from one sill or step to another. Such temporary, easy-to-assemble rollable round ramps can even be used on multi-segment ramps and platforms.             Modular. The roll round ramp consists of multiple panels. Its unique modularity allows it to be extended indefinitely without being limited in length. It can even be disassembled into several ramps at the current length. It is even possible to build any length that suits the needs of the steps. For these ramps that are too long, they can be divided into manageable sections. It changed the market for portable ramps.             Load bearing. Load bearing is the most important part of the ramp. It is for people who need a wheelchair, or people with limited legs and feet. Therefore, strong load-bearing is the guarantee for their safety. And its uniqueness and 500KG (1102lbs) load-bearing strength make it suitable for a variety of industrial and non-industrial use scenarios.                    Slip resistance. Anti-slip ribs are used for the round ramp panels. This makes it safer, especially when the weather is less dry, rainy or snowy, and not too slippery and too fast to control the descent. In addition, the round panel is also hollowed out, so that the slope will not reduce its functionality due to snow or water accumulation.             Portable ramps are very common in today's applications. Unique modular and customizable length and width designs make them a natural integral part of your home or commercial building. If you are interested in rolling round ramps, you can check the product catalog, or ask the store staff for more information.

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