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Aluminum ramp with handrail LY36-11ft
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Aluminum ramp with handrail LY36-11ft

Sep 27, 2022

Wheelchair ramps are an easy and safe way to help a wheelchair over rough surfaces. They provide a sturdy, slightly sloping platform that can easily climb over raised platforms, doorways or curbs. They can be used on doorways, small steps or raised curbs.


There are many different types of portable ramps on the market, so when you choose a portable ramp, you must consider what kind of wheelchair you are using, and the angle of inclination. Where you might place a ramp, choose a ramp length that matches the standard slope, and is the size that will best support the weight and size of the transport.


The simplywalk aluminum wheelchair ramp is lightweight, not easy to rust, has high strength, and is highly recyclable. The unique feature of the modular ramp allows it to be extended indefinitely without being limited in length. Strong load-bearing is the guarantee for the safety of users. And its uniqueness and 500KG (1102lbs) load-bearing strength make it suitable for a variety of industrial and non-industrial use scenarios. The feature of being able to roll up makes the volume very compact and more portable when the roll ramp is stored.


Railings are installed on both sides to form a perfect and safe barrier-free passage.

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